Department Leaders

Kimberly Blaylock | Sunday School Director

I want everyone to feel welcomed, loved, and needed. My desire is to provide a strong foundation for children so they can build their own personal relationship and walk with Jesus.

Jim & Julie Pritchett | Outreach Director, Sunday School Secretary

To complete as many family Bible studies as possible. To follow up with new converts and help through a salvation plan while retaining souls for future ministries. We desire to see and be a part of constant revival moving towards a new life. We would also like to bring in new souls to be discipled for the kingdom of God.

Ron & Lisa Vega | Son Rise Coordinator, Fellowship Assistant

I want to help build a culture of fellowship and worship that challanges our men to be involved and stand together in unity. My desire is for Son Rise to be a fund raising tool used to bless New Life and a place of fellowship in the process.

Mark & Mary Redicker | F.I.R.M. Director

To create a friendly, inviting, and welcoming experience to all who are searching for a new life.

Tim Bennett | Mens Fellowship Coordinator

My goal is to create an atmosphere in which the men of New Life can come together in unity, fellowship, and brotherhood. To produce spiritual growth and relationship with God, and promote an avenue to lead others to Jesus Christ.

Rosemary Myers | Helping Hands Coordinator

My desire is to not only provide a place for souls to be fed, but to feed the hungry and those in need. I hope to accompany the food ministry with a clothing and necessities program so were able to reach all who are in need.

Alison Mayle | Ladies Ministry

I wish to give hope for the wounded, and specifically lead women so they may find their purpose and beauty in the kingdom of God. We need to win the souls of our community so that our church may grow and the kingdom be blessed.

Donna Blackwell | Goals & Vision Coordinator

By expanding the Son Rise cafe into a soup kitchen and also opening the church to the community for the needy we can really help make a difference.

Michelle Snyder | Bible Quizing Coach, Drama team Director

Preparing our youth with the knowledge of God’s word while equipping them for their future is my purpose. We need to develop a strong relationship with God that it may set the atmosphere for God to move at every service.